Dont panic

Dont panic or worry if you find a problem or something goes wrong, when something bad happens your immediate reaction is either to worry, be scared, panic or could even be to cry, but at that point you know something? You know that’s it it’s done, you can’t change it, at that point you have to switch to damage control, you go from problem to solution, and the speed you do that is critical to minimising the pain, that pain could be loosing money, a business, a partner, anything, you have to stop any impact on your family, you gotta take this on the chin and fix it that’s it, most of the time getting in to the mess your worrying about take effect and time, if you where willing to put the effort in then working to get out won’t be impossible, but what you don’t do is keep panicking! Because when you panic or worry after somethings happened, after they imminent shock or a problem you’r doing 2 things.
the first is your wasting time, this thing or problem has happened, we’ve established it cant be changed and you need to move forward, you need to switch on and start reversing it, or rectify the problem, damage control is important and it’s critical you start straight away to minimalise the fall out, it could mean moving money to stop a financial leak of funds, it could mean getting legal advise to minimalise a possible prosecution. It could mean rebuilding your life by changing or getting away. Either way the solution has to start straight away.
And the 2nd is simple! Worrying means you suffer twice, you’ve had the shock and you have the brusing from the problem. Prevention is better than cure so make steps to re-build and start again, but this time stronger and with that extra knowledge that this will never and I mean never happen again.

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