A simple smile has more power than you know!

Your attitude towards people throughout your day collectively shapes the world as we see it and you don’t even realise it! From the home with your family to the commute with total strangers each morning, to the work place, how you interact with each other subconsciously sets in motion how you and that person reacts to the next and the next, from just missing you train to someone taking your usual parking space!, the negative chain of events gets passed down the line affecting each person like nocking down dominos! But it also works in the opposite positive manner just as well, you get to the train to find someone holding the door for you so you don’t miss it, a smile and a thank you then sparks a conversation that opens the door to a more positive outcome when you that person interacts with the next person on your separate journeys throughout the day, they are more likely to pass on that positive vibe just as the negative one was pasted on before to the next social interaction and the difference was an act of kindness or expression as simple as holding a door or a negative selfish act or just pretending not to see them and not holding the door that sparked a chain of events on the next person on that path.

In business you sometimes have to be ruthless, cutting out dead wood! It’s part of the job and as a result makes you a professional and it’s part of the responsibility of leadership.

But you don’t have to be ruthless on a personal level out of the office or work place, that just makes you an arsehole.

But there are like in all areas! Exceptions to the rule, for instance! Cutting negativity out Of your life should be done clean and swift with the same level of ruthlessness as in business I except as well as expect that.

If someone is bringing you down, abusive or if they are emotionally blackmailing you or just always putting down everything and everyone around you? then they have to go and they have to go quick before it becomes routine for both of you.

The brain learns quickly, its built to pick up habits and trends so it can adapt, and to much of that negative attitude becomes infectious as your brain adapts to it and soon you will find yourself moving in that direction because your social situation makes it habit therefore your brain adapts.

Now if it’s a family member then you can’t just cut them out as easy, but you have to take steps to change the environment or remove yourself from the situation altogether, most people aren’t born negative they change and adapt to it due to there surroundings, environment or situation, a Positive implementation to help them change the course of there mindset is key, as just like negative vibes can change the brains paten into believing that’s the right path, positive vibes can start to reverse this effect by turning it back in the opposite direction, and fortunately the beauty of this process is the brain never stops learning and adopting so it can be done over time.

Your attitude is everything, it enters the room with you and shapes every conversation you have each day, it shapes your children’s attitude as they adapt super fast to there surroundings and your relationships or social interaction, it’s that powerful it can change the course of a life when teaching in both children and adults, everyone can remember that one teacher you loved, and its because they captivated you, held your attention in a way that made you want to listen and engage and most importantly learn, that’s the power you hold with your attitude.

Attitude is the platform to launch enthusiasm in the actions of yourself and others, it can make you feel good as well as bad, happy or sad, this is the key to changing mindsets and training your brain and the others around you to perform at the highest level for the most positive outcome.

Attitude towards helping people also brings a sense of euphoria, a feeling of achievement that you have the power to perform a small act of kindness to change someone’s day with something as little as a smile, now that’s true power.

So smile! because that’s where it starts, that’s were the power is and it’s in your hands, and with great power comes great responsibility, it’s your responsibility to help others, so go on smile! you might just change someone’s life!

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