2Types of People

There are 2 categories people, that’s it? Positive and negative, optimists and pessimist. It really is black and white, meat and potatoes, its only when they divide in to either category that you get different types of positive and negative , some more extreme than others due to there financial, life or family situation and so on, theres no such thing as Canterbury only wont.

There are some who will always look for the way it can be done, they will have a solution for every problem and will work with a can do attitude. 
And there are some who always look for the ways it can’t be done, a problem for every solution, that type of negativity spreads quickly and can effect productivity. 

Be the self titled yes man to every problem, be prepared to fail and fail again, then when you do be prepared to fail again but each time you do fail! Fail better, learn and fail again! And keep doing iy with enthusiasm, the enthusiasm that your learning till all that’s left is winning. 
Then take all those fails and write them down, own every single one. 

You don’t loose, you learnt a lesson!

You didn’t loose money, you paid for lessons

You either win or you learn that’s it!

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