Control Your Emotions!

Control Your Emotions or they will end up controling you! Or Worst of all they control your decision making, not just in a relationship but in business some of the best and brightestControl Your Emotions bussiness have gone under due to shitty decisions made in anger or a heightened emotional state.

Decision making or at least important decitions should never be made in either happiness or anger, decitions making that decides the direction of anything important should only be made with a clear head and an open mind based on facts.

Dections made in anger very rearly go well and in the large majority of situations end up costing you more than just money or time if your lucky, this is the worst time to make on the spot dections as there almost inevitably done in spite.

Also belive it or not making dections when your happy(Not just drunk but that goes without saying) can be a misstake! do not make a promise in happiness, your judgment is clouded and your more likely to over promise and under deliver.

Controling your emotions wile making decisions that impact your finances should not be taken lightly, these are not spare of the moment reactions, they should be based on facts and research from the outset, anyone tring to convince or manipulate you into make decitions in either state is someone to be very weary of as well a someone who always reacts in this way making decitions in an emotional state.

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